Ken Saro-Wiwa Centre Digital Innovation Hub

Following Ken Junior's drive to establish the Ken Saro-Wiwa Centre, it is now equipped with low-energy Aleutia computers, is powered by solar panels, and has an active workshop and training space.

On site there is a library with books providing both local and international perspectives, and an art gallery that houses revolving exhibitions of local artists. Street-facing space is rented as independent units for businesses, currently a pharmacy and a barbers.

The hub will hold regular discussions and hackathons that bring together the tech community in Port Harcourt. The ideas generated and incubated within this hub will shape future economy of the City.

Our progress

High Speed Broadband Internet Access
Solar System
Secured space for the next 3 years
Ken Junior Award for Innovation

The Ken Junior Award for Innovation

Starting in 2017, the Foundation will present the Ken Junior Award for Innovation to four start-up technology companies in Port Harcourt.

The Ken Junior Award recognises and seeks to overcome the barriers to economic development and innovation in Port Harcourt, namely access to electricity, internet connection, learning, security and networking. These are more valuable than any cash prize.

Each of the awardees will win six months:

  • Self-contained office space at the Ken Saro-Wiwa Centre
  • High-speed internet connection
  • Constant electricity powered by solar panels
  • Access to an event space and support holding workshops and trainings
  • Personal support for growing their business model
  • Networking with other like-minded professionals

Supporting the Foundation

If you wish to show your support for the continuation of this work, the family encourages you to donate to the Foundation that Ken Wiwa made such a large part of his life. We are setting up an account for donations to the non-profit, non-governmental Ken Saro-Wiwa Foundation to ensure this is supported and expanded. Please click here to go to the Just Giving page established for this purpose.